Casinos perfect for retro gaming fans

If you’re anything like us, your love of gaming started at a young age, with very simple 8-bit games, and has grown with you and perhaps now you’re looking for something with an extra element to it, which is where online casinos come in! Although you might think that they are just online fruit machines, there really are some innovative and exciting games based on any theme you could ever think of. We’ve compiled some of the best casinos for anyone who is a retro gaming fan to cut their teeth on!

Vera and John casino is a fun, colorful site that looks incredibly modern, but if you search through their massive offerings of games, you may see some familiar retro faces, including Lara Croft of Tomb Raider! There are two amazing Tomb Raider slot games available, and if you want to stay in the world of 80’s and 90’s, you might also enjoy the Ghostbusters Triple Slime game too!

Another casino where you can play as Lara Croft is the always slick Royal Panda, who also offer a slot game based on the old school computer game (turned film and book franchise!) HitMan! While you’re in the retro mood and on the site, why not check out the games based on other iconic aspects of pop culture including Bullseye, Guns N Roses, and Jurassic Park!

Whether you were team Mortal Kombat or team Street Fighter, you can’t deny the fact that a Street Fighter casino video slot is an amazing addition to the world! You can find such a game on InterCasino where you can choose to play as one of the characters (out of Chun-Li, Ken, Ryu, Sagat, and Guile) and the bonus game involves your character fighting with Bison, and there is a prize whether you beat him or if you lose!

If you head over to Gala Casino, you can come across an incredible retro favorite, Worms Reloaded! Just a silly, violent and over the top as it was when you first played it, this game features Banana Bomb Wilds and a Concrete Donkey – things you wouldn’t find in any other game! Gala Casino, with their stylish black design, might not seem like the place you would find such a bonkers game, but don’t let looks fool you!

Retro game themed casino slots are a perfect way to amp up the excitement and take a little trip down memory lane at the same time. If you’re a winner in these games, more than just bragging rights over your friends, you could go away a whole lot richer too!


Things you didn’t know about Donkey Kong

Although most people think of Mario and Luigi when they think of Nintendo characters, Donkey Kong came before Mario, and the 1981 arcade game actually launched Mario’s career (although at the time he was called Mr. Video or Ossan, which means middle-aged man). So for once, let’s put the plumbing brothers aside and look at things you may not have known about everyone’s favorite 8-bit monkey.

Donkey Kong is known to gaming nerds as the game that established “platform” as a game genre; allowing players to progress upwards in a game by jumping in one direction. This is something that is popular, even in games now, although it has come a long way from early Donkey Kong!

There was a lawsuit between Universal City Studios, Inc and Nintendo Co. Ltd about whether Donkey Kong and King Kong were the same ape. The court ruled in favor of Nintendo and felt that Universal had no right to the character. Interestingly, however, as of 2013, Nintendo officially owns “It’s on like Donkey Kong” as a trademarked phrase.

The origin story of Donkey Kong’s name has long been speculated on; however Miyamoto has said that he was under the impression that ‘Kong’ meant gorilla and he wanted ‘something’ Kong as a name. He chose Donkey after learning that it can mean ‘stupid’ in English.

That said, Miyamoto has publically slated the Donkey Kong Country series and claimed that “”Donkey Kong Country proves that players will put up with mediocre gameplay as the art is good.” He apologized after the game and its various sequels sold over a million copies. Each!

Nintendo loves Easter Eggs, and in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest, players are ranked alongside Mario, Yoshi, and Link, three of the biggest Nintendo characters. If you look on the bottom right of the screen, there is a sign that says “No Hopers” next to sneakers that look suspiciously like Sonic the Hedgehog’s, and a ray gun that seems to belong to Earthworm Jim. Clearly, this is a sneaky dig at some non-Nintendo characters!

Although we always think of Mario and Princess Peach as an ultimate OTP, there was actually another lady in Mario’s life before Peach! She was called Pauline (or, imaginatively “The Lady”) and was the damsel in distress for Mario in Donkey Kong!

As a fun, but silly, promotion, in 2010, both Game and Gamestation gave out copies of Donkey Kong Country Returns in exchange for a bunch of bananas, for the first 20 customers.

So grab that old school Super Nintendo, and fire up Donkey Kong Country (but be sure to blow in the cartridge first of course!)


Things you didn’t know about Pac-Man

The little yellow circle that is Pac-Man is an iconic symbol of gaming, that is recognised worldwide. It’s the game that everyone knows how to play and is just as fun now, over 37 years after being created, as it was back then – even with the vast improvements in gaming and graphics, you just cannot beat the originals. That said, do you think you know everything about Pac-Man?

For example, did you know that it is the most successful coin-operated game ever? 400,000 Pac-Man machines had been sold by 1990, and venue had hit over $3.5 billion (which would now be worth closer to $7.5 billion!).

As mentioned in geek-gaming movie Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, the game was originally going to be called Puck-Man, (due to the resemblance to a hockey puck) however, forward-thinking executives realised the temptation for vandals to change the P to look like an F on the machines and decided to change the name to something much harder to make profane.

How many levels are in the game? Well, it is possible to get to level 255; however, you can never complete it as it glitches and the screen fills with numbers and nonsensical symbols.

You might be interested to know that there are 244 dots to be eaten by Pac-Man, each worth 10 points. The larger dots (sometimes known as power cookies) are worth 50 points, and the bonus items (the fruit, spaceship, key, and bell) are all worth between 100-5000 points. The highest possible score overall is 3,333,360 which was achieved by Billy Mitchell in 1999 after a wrist-aching 6-hour gaming session!

In Britain, the ghosts are named, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, whereas Japan named the ghosts based on their behavior. For example, the chaser, ambusher, fickle and feigning ignorance. This helped them know what each ghost was likely to do and play ahead.

The Pac-Man brand is so well recognized that elements have appeared in various films. Of course, Adam Sandler’s questionable movie Pixels in 2015 had Pac-Man as a pretty main character, but Clyde (the orange ghost) popped up in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph and Pac-Man himself appears in Tron.

One of the most popular Google Doodles ever was to celebrate Pac-Man’s 30th birthday and allowed visitors to play the game on the Google search homepage. It is estimated that the drop in productivity that this caused cost the global economy around $120m!

Now, is it just us, or is anyone else desperate to go and play a few levels right now?