The Best Retro Video Games You Can Play on Your Phone

As gamers, we have benefited so much from the emergence of smartphones. They really have taken gaming to another level and made the whole process of gaming much more exciting and fun. It has also paved the way for mobile gaming and allowed a whole new audience to discover real the appeal of online gaming. That’s why mobile phone gaming is one of the most popular ways of using a smartphone these days.


There are literally thousands of awesome games you can check out on your mobile. These can either be in app form, or you can enjoy playing on your browser. But, if you really want a great experience, you need to make sure you enjoy retro games as well. These are a throwback to childhood, and some of the games are just downright awesome! So, here are a few of the best retro videogames you can play on your smartphone right now!




There’s classic, and then there’s CLASSIC. I enjoyed whiling away hours of a misspent youth playing this bad boy on the back of the bus, and now you can too! Shut the front door, all your dreams have just come true; Snake (yes, the Nokia version) is available to play on your iPhone. Rather than pressing rubber buttons, you’re now tapping buttons on the screen, but, it’s pretty much still the same. Welcome back to the game of frustration and glory. Will you best your greatest ever score? Download now and find out!




You want to talk shoot ‘em ups? It doesn’t get much more shooty or uppy than Doom! You MUST have played this game when you were younger, and now you can revisit the brutal, bloody classic. The iPhone version of the glorious classic doesn’t involve quite as much aiming as you have to do on the PC version, and that means you can focus more time on shooting those demons! Explore the map all over again, loot supplies, kill enemies, and claw your way back up out of hell, mobile style!


Prince of Persia


Hands up who had this simply awesome platform game on their PC! I can’t be the only one with my hand in the air, right?! Forget the rubbish movie starring the otherwise fabulous Jake Gyllenhaal, Prince of Persia is one of the finest videogames ever made. Okay, the controls on this game are not the greatest, but you can control your character using a slider, plus three additional buttons. It might be a much more scaled down version of a classic PC game. But, this is an immensely enjoyable, fantastical, fantasy game.



Why the Flux Slot is Perfect for Retro Gaming Fans

Retro is in these days. Or, at the very least it seems to be making a comeback. And, there is nowhere retro is more beloved as a style than when it comes to videogames. If you had to make a list of some of your favourite ever videogames, we bet your top 5 would contain at least two retro games. The power and appeal of these games is such that you can’t ignore it.


These games have something that appeals to us and engages with us on a much deeper level than we are used to. That’s why it’s always a good idea to look out for games that ignite that retro fire inside of us. You may not think that slot machines could give you this feeling, but, that’s because you’re yet to experience the Flux slot game.


This is a game developed by Thunderkick, and available at several online casinos right now. This slot is perfect for those who enjoy retro games as it provides a throwback to the sorts of colourful, cool and bulky graphics we associate with retro games. You can enjoy a visual display of spinning, floating gems on your slots reel. We don’t know about you, but these graphics kind of remind us slightly of the retro classic Crystal Caves.


There is also the music and sound effects on this slot that really evoke many of the retro games we used to play. It has some cool beeps, swooshes, and jingles that really add to how fun and enjoyable the game can be. The sound effects sound like the sort we would expect from an old school science fiction videogame. And this is one of the other reasons why this is such a wonderful game for players who like all things retro.


Also, when we think about retro videogames, simplicity is key. Nobody wants a game that is ridiculously complicated to get the hang of. This is something that can. Be really off putting with a lot of games. And, the same is true when it comes to slots games as well. Yes, you want a challenging game; too easy is never fun. But, you don’t want a game that’s too hard to work out how to play. The beauty of Flux is that it is one of the simplest slots games we’ve seen out there. It’s so simple to get the hang of, and anyone can start playing instantly. This makes it ideal for lovers of retro games to get on board and start making some money right now.  


Google Maps Let You Play as Ms. Pac-Man For April Fools Day

April Fool’s Day is a day of pranks, mischief, and shenanigans, and there’s no doubt you were filled with a burning desire to play pranks on your pals. Well, the best April Fool’s Days are those where huge businesses and companies join in on the action. This year, one of the biggest proponents of the April Fool’s fever was Google, and they did it in classic style.


The international powerhouse of a company celebrated April Fool’s Day in style, by allowing users to play Ms. Pac-Man in the Google Maps app. Users opening the maps mobile app were greeted with a tempting looking Ms. Pac-Man icon, sitting tantalisingly above the compass icon. The symbol was just begging to be pushed by curious mobile phone daredevils, and push they did!


Once tapping on the symbol those bold and beautiful bohemians were rewarded for their nonconformity. The game activated, and players were transported to a random location in the world on the Maps app. The streets were paved with gold… well, okay, not gold. White dots in fact. The same white dots found in the classic arcade Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man games. The excitement was palpable as people began to realise what was occurring.


Players could help Ms. Pac-Man navigate the rough and ready virtual streets of the Google Maps world, using nothing but their index fingers! The power pellets sustained our yellow hero as she attempted to avoid ghosts and make her way along the streets to find her coveted pieces of fruit. Each level offered different types of fruit, just like in the arcade version of the game. Cats have nine lives, but Ms. Pac-Man only needs five!


This has to rank as one of the cooler April Fool’s Day pranks we’ve encountered, and it’s sure to rekindle interest in Ms. Pac-Man as a game. Back in 2015, Google offered Pac-Man, but this year they are all about Girl-Power, and the novelty is just as popular as it once was.


There is no word on whether this game will still available to players, or whether it was simply a fun and invigorating April Fool’s Day prank. Last time we checked, the Ms. Pac-Man symbol was no longer available, but that doesn’t mean it won’t return at some point in the future. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled and look for her every time you load up the phone app.