The Best Retro Video Games You Can Play on Your Phone

As gamers, we have benefited so much from the emergence of smartphones. They really have taken gaming to another level and made the whole process of gaming much more exciting and fun. It has also paved the way for mobile gaming and mobile casinos and allowed a whole new audience to discover real the appeal of online gaming. That’s why mobile phone gaming is one of the most popular ways of using a smartphone these days.

There are literally thousands of awesome games you can check out on your mobile. These can either be in app form, or you can enjoy playing on your browser. But, if you really want a great experience, you need to make sure you enjoy retro games as well. These are a throwback to childhood, and some of the games are just downright awesome! So, here are a few of the best retro videogames you can play on your smartphone right now!


There’s classic, and then there’s CLASSIC. I enjoyed whiling away hours of a misspent youth playing this bad boy on the back of the bus, and now you can too! Shut the front door, all your dreams have just come true; Snake (yes, the Nokia version) is available to play on your iPhone. Rather than pressing rubber buttons, you’re now tapping buttons on the screen, but, it’s pretty much still the same. Welcome back to the game of frustration and glory. Will you best your greatest ever score? Download now and find out!


You want to talk shoot ‘em ups? It doesn’t get much more shooty or uppy than Doom! You MUST have played this game when you were younger, and now you can revisit the brutal, bloody classic. The iPhone version of the glorious classic doesn’t involve quite as much aiming as you have to do on the PC version, and that means you can focus more time on shooting those demons! Explore the map all over again, loot supplies, kill enemies, and claw your way back up out of hell, mobile style!

Prince of Persia

Hands up who had this simply awesome platform game on their PC! I can’t be the only one with my hand in the air, right?! Forget the rubbish movie starring the otherwise fabulous Jake Gyllenhaal, Prince of Persia is one of the finest videogames ever made. Okay, the controls on this game are not the greatest, but you can control your character using a slider, plus three additional buttons. It might be a much more scaled down version of a classic PC game. But, this is an immensely enjoyable, fantastical, fantasy game.