Why the Flux Slot is Perfect for Retro Gaming Fans

Retro is in these days. Or, at the very least it seems to be making a comeback. And, there is nowhere retro is more beloved as a style than when it comes to videogames. If you had to make a list of some of your favourite ever videogames, we bet your top 5 would contain at least two retro games. The power and appeal of these games is such that you can’t ignore it.


These games have something that appeals to us and engages with us on a much deeper level than we are used to. That’s why it’s always a good idea to look out for games that ignite that retro fire inside of us. You may not think that slot machines could give you this feeling, but, that’s because you’re yet to experience the Flux slot game.


This is a game developed by Thunderkick, and available at several online casinos right now. This slot is perfect for those who enjoy retro games as it provides a throwback to the sorts of colourful, cool and bulky graphics we associate with retro games. You can enjoy a visual display of spinning, floating gems on your slots reel. We don’t know about you, but these graphics kind of remind us slightly of the retro classic Crystal Caves.


There is also the music and sound effects on this slot that really evoke many of the retro games we used to play. It has some cool beeps, swooshes, and jingles that really add to how fun and enjoyable the game can be. The sound effects sound like the sort we would expect from an old school science fiction videogame. And this is one of the other reasons why this is such a wonderful game for players who like all things retro.


Also, when we think about retro videogames, simplicity is key. Nobody wants a game that is ridiculously complicated to get the hang of. This is something that can. Be really off putting with a lot of games. And, the same is true when it comes to slots games as well. Yes, you want a challenging game; too easy is never fun. But, you don’t want a game that’s too hard to work out how to play. The beauty of Flux is that it is one of the simplest slots games we’ve seen out there. It’s so simple to get the hang of, and anyone can start playing instantly. This makes it ideal for lovers of retro games to get on board and start making some money right now.