What We Miss Most About 8Bit Gaming

Nothing brings back the nostalgia of the good old days than playing 8-bit video games. With the release of the latest versions of PlayStation and X-box, gone are the days of pixelated games and cheesy sound effects. Modern gaming developers are dedicated to offering players the most realistic gaming experience imaginable, and while the advancements in technology are awe-inspiring, many have fond memories of video gaming of the past. Here we list what we miss most about 8-bit gaming.

1. Cartridges

Remember when receiving a games cartridge was the best gift you could get? There was nothing like a bulky new cartridge with its bold, colourful design to awaken the excitement in any 90s baby. A cartridge was the epitome of sturdy design, and you could basically throw across the room and it would remain intact. Since then, the cartridge has been replaced by CDs.

2. Finally being able to enter your initials on the scoreboard

It was indeed a thrilling experience to see your initials rise to the top of the scoreboard, regardless of who you were playing against. This was competitive gaming in its purest form, and few things have managed to match that excitement since.

3. Built-in games

Remember when gaming consoles had games built right into them? Back in the day, you wouldn’t need to go running out to get the latest game as the console already came stocked with games. These days, you would be lucky to get a free demo version of a game with your console.

4. Pixelated Graphics

While we’re not complaining about the incredibly realistic take on graphics that most modern games features, we do miss the old days where gamers favoured gameplay over graphics. And while the low-quality graphics is a thing of the past, some of these games have become so iconic, they are still be played today.

5. No loading time

Gaming used to be quick and efficient, and there was hardly any need to wait around waiting for games to load. There was no menus, no advertisements, and no unnecessary frills, and we could easily squeeze in a game or two before going about our day.

6. Reaching the end-of-level boss

Reaching the end-of-level boss what a thrilling experience that every gamer simply strived towards achieving. While the bosses become tougher as the game progressed, defeating it was the pat on the back every gamer felt they deserved.