Mobile Apps With That 8-Bit Gaming Vibe

8-bit gaming takes players on a trip down memory lane to the days when this was so much simpler and let’s be honest, it’s an era for some of the greatest video games of all time. But it is not only the nostalgia attached to these types of games that appeals to players. Gaming in the past seemed to focus more on gameplay than graphics, with many of the most popular games still being played today. Online casinos have joined the party by creating 8-bit style online slots as well as retro-themed games to attract new and seasoned players alike. What’s more, many of these games are available to play anytime, anywhere, straight from your mobile device. And while old-school gaming can be fun, it is thanks to modern technology that it is brought back to life via your mobile device, making it a perfect combination of old meets new.

The Classics

We live in a world where nostalgia will never die (thankfully) and so you can get plenty of 8Bit classic games on your mobile phone. Want to chomp your way through ghosts? You’ll find a Pac-Man app for that. Need to stack some blocks in your life? There’s a Tetris app for that. If you’re missing your old Nokia then there’s the original Snake available on phones, too. Not to mention Duck Hunter… Who can resist shooting ducks all day?! Try searching the app store for your favourite classic game and we’re pretty sure you’ll find the mobile version of it!

Kairosoft Games

If you want the retro feel, with modern gameplay, then you HAVE to check out the Kairosoft games such as Game Dev Story. There are plenty of variations, but many with the same premise; like those tycoon games you were obsessed with as a kid. Our top pic is definitely the Game Dev Story, and it seems to constantly top the app game charts as well. Search out Kairosoft on your mobile and see what you can find.

Cosmo Pix Slot

Cosmo Pix Slot has been designed by Gaming1 to offer a top-notch, 8-bit gaming experience straight from your desktop or mobile device. Featuring an authentic 80s look and feel, this game will surely bring out the 90s kid in you, complete with simple graphics and a funky retro vibe. There are two different games available within Cosmo Pix, adding some variety to your online gambling experience. Some of those classic slot machine symbols can be found populating the reels, adding to the vintage experience of the casino. What makes this game even more appealing is the fact that it is available to play on your mobile device, making it perfect for players looking for a more traditional gaming experience while on the move.

Cash Blox Slot

Expect fast-paced action and entertainment with this arcade-style casino game that will appeal to new and experienced players alike. The game features traditional online slot gameplay with a uniquely retro look and feel, all of which are perfectly displayed on your mobile device. Mobile players can expect a smooth and seamless gaming experience while still enjoying an authentic vibe thanks to the vintage design of the game. This game will impress casino players of the past while still attracting new players looking for a rewarding experience on the reels.

Mega Boy Slot

Players of the 80s and 90s will be delighted to come across Mega Boy Slot, a game taking its cue from massive gaming platforms like Nintendo and SEGA regarding look and feel. For the uninitiated, Nintendo and SEGA were big news back in the day, therefore developing the Mega Boy Slot was indeed and inspired decision. And making it available on mobile devices even more so. This game features an authentic arcade-style gaming environment, and since it has been created by iSoftBet, a software developer known for its innovation and excellence, you can expect a seamless and smooth experience while playing on your Android or iOS mobile device, anytime, anywhere.