Netflix 8Bit Game

The New Netflix 8Bit Game is All Sorts of Awesome

When Netflix released new cult hit Stranger Things last year, there was a revival for everything retro and 80s which were sparked by the time zone of the show. Back in the late 80s and the early 90s, successful films and TV shows, such as Back to the Future and Home Alone, were turned into fun 8-bit games to be enjoyed on the old school consoles and so Netflix clearly saw a fantastic chance for a marketing tie-in, by releasing a free 8 Bit game that features several characters from some of their most well-known Netflix original series and embraces the nerdy gamer culture that we so loved about Stranger Things.


The game’s concept is trying to escape the Demogorgon, a creature of nightmares, playing as one of the characters, including Piper Chapman from Orange is the New Black, Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things, Marco Polo from Marco Polo and Pablo Escobar from Narcos. Each character has their own stage, which will see Pablo running through a jungle scene and Piper in prison.


This game is not intended to be the next Super Mario or Call of Duty and is not likely to have you addicted to it; however, it is a really fun gimmick that will appeal to anyone who enjoys the various Netflix original series and loves a simple 8-bit game. Perhaps they will add further levels and even some of their other characters from their shows such as the crew from Hemlock Grove, The Ranch, and the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, perhaps to tie in with the release of new series. That said, we can’t imagine any other villain to be anywhere near as terrifying as the Demogorgon – even those awful guards from Litchfield prison which the OITNB girls know all about.


It’s unlikely that this is a trend that is going to make a come back like much of the late 80s, and early 90s culture has been of late, but it is a lot of fun and something different from the innovative team over at Netflix. Either way, we know that the Stranger Things kids would have loved this game and perhaps it is easier to escape the Demogorgon when it’s nothing but a few pixels on a screen!