Top 8Bit Games We Miss the Most

When computer games are becoming more and more advanced, to the point that their graphics could be confused for movie footage, and gameplay can be executed with nothing but the human body, we do find ourselves feeling a little nostalgic for the boxy 8bit graphics that we grew up with. Games where the concept was simple but the fun lasted hours!

One of the original and best games was Space Invaders – the imagery of which is still iconic and recognized today, but game players now require a much more elaborate storyline than having to shoot down some aliens before they reach you.

Before Super Mario was in 3 dimensions (plus!), with more enemies than a whole world of super heroes, he was an 8-bit plumber hero whose only aim was to save the princess and avoid the Goombas! This was back when Mario was a flying raccoon – a very different look from the adorable kitty that he transforms into in the most recent games.

Another 8-bit platform great was the original Donkey Kong. Starring Donkey Kong, of course, but also a fun character called Mr. Video (and later, Jumpman) who is the Super Mario we know, and love today! Where Mario has grown as the face of video games, Donkey Kong and his mini pal Diddy Kong have not been quite as successful, but the old game was so much fun!

Teaching children how not to cross the road since 1981, Frogger is a simple concept game, where you are the frog desperately trying to cross the road while avoiding cars, taxis, buses, and bikes that are all happy to run it over! Using just four directional controls and trying to beat the clock, this game was far more stressful than GTA!

Although based on a Disney film, (which was later rebooted), Tron was a very popular 8-bit arcade video game. The gameplay involved the use of an 8-way joystick, a dial for direction and one button to control firing. The game has four subgames in various difficulties, including I/O Tower, MCP Cone, Battle Tanks and Light Cycles all of which are basic but exciting.

Today’s games are increasingly impressive, and the way technology is going things are only set to become even better and more complex. That said, sometimes, nothing beats a simple, retro 8-bit game that we loved as children.