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common intrusive thoughts (top 7)

amanda knowles
in this blog, we discuss the common intrusive thoughts that people have. we will also answer the question ‘what are intrusive thoughts? and look into the characteristics, types, and some of the coping strategies to deal with these common intrusive...

benefits of active listening (+do’s &don’ts of therapy)

amanda knowles
in this article, we will look at the benefits of active listening. this article also explores the benefits of active listening in the workplace and in therapy, and verbal and non verbal active listening skills. benefits of active listening you...

enneagram type 3w2: the enchanter(a complete guide)

amanda knowles
this article will look at what the enneagram type 3w2 is by studying the personality types it is made up of and what the resulting personality is. the article will also shed light on the major traits of this personality...

enneagram type 4w3: the aristocrat (an overview)

amanda knowles
this article will look at the personality type of the enneagram type 4w3 by studying its basic fears, desires, personality traits as well as its strengths and weaknesses in order to help the audience develop a deeper understanding of this...

anxiety when hearing yelling (+3 tips)

amanda knowles
this guide will explore why some people experience anxiety when they hear someone yelling and how to ground themselves in such situations. anxiety when hearing yelling anxiety when hearing yelling can be attributed to two reasons:  some people are sensitive...